Big Rock Candy Mountain

Yes!  Big Rock Candy Mountain really does exist.  And it exists only a few miles from where I grew up.  While we were hiking, Uncle Trevor actually found a chocolate rock candy.  He bit it in half and showed my kids the chocolatey center.  There was stunned silence for several seconds, followed by a mad scramble to pick up more rocks and attempt to eat them.  

Nash liked finding things like worms and moths and showing them to cousin Allie (aka the most beautiful girl in the world).  This scenario happened many times.

Granny G gives wheelbarrow rides til her arms fall off.

Dylan drives the quad like a mad man.  He laughs like a little kid almost the whole time.  He also spins some wicked donuts on the four wheeler and the boys view him as a super-human.

Gage could ride all day.  Nash, not so much.  He gets carsick like his momma. :(

But he's a magnet for water in any form.

Olivia is a mud magnet.

Da boys go shootin'.  Uncle Bert's a crack shot with a BB Gun, and Trevor is amazing with the bow and arrow he got from a one-armed man.  True story.

Cousins, please move closer to us.

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Miranda W. said...

Oh my gosh! I'm in tears. Allie's face in that first picture! And the bow Trevor got from a one armed man. I never thought of it that way, but when it's put like that it sounds pretty funny. We do need to move closer!