Ninja Nash

The best thing about Nash's birthday is that it's the day after Pioneer Day.  What's so great about that, you wonder?  Two words:  legal fireworks. 

This year he asked for a ninja party.  Everyone dressed in black and we tied extra black t-shirts around their faces to make masks.  The boys practiced combat on red helium balloons, went through the "Laser" obstacle course, showed off their sweet ninja moves on the trampoline, and lit off some cool fireworks.   I have little to no photographic evidence of any of this, so you'll just have to take my word for it:  it was awesome.

 Nash maneuvers his way through the lasers.

In my efforts to be less control-freaky and more go-with-the-flowy, I let the kids decorate the cake 98% by themselves.  It turned out great!  The ninja in the black there is picking out his weapon from the weapon wall, and there are two other ninjas back there in the training grounds practicing their skills.  There is a chocolate bridge connecting the two with blue wrapping paper "water" underneath.  My job was making the sign, with characters I copied from a chop sticks wrapper.

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